Friday, January 16, 2015

❤️ Home IS Where My Heart Is ❤️

Good Friday morning all..
Please come on in join me for a visit!  It's the start of a beautiful day here, the sun is shining and I hear the birds chirping outside this morning! This weekend is supposed to be lovely and warm!  Do any of you have plans to spend some time outdoors this weekend?  I have been thinking lately about the phrase "Home is where the heart is".  It seems that phrase has a much larger meaning to me than I had ever thought possible.  As I pondered on what our home has meant to me over the last 31 years of our married life, I realized it wasn't the house itself, but who lived there with me.  It wasn't the type of house.. big and ornate, or a small bungalow.  Expensive furnishings or humble homemade decor.  Your own home or a rental.  I decided that it mattered very little about where you reside, but, more how you live wherever you reside!  The love of my family has always been my life line.  The people I surrounded myself with in every home we've lived in the last 31 years.. Are paramount to my happiness as a homemaker for the last 28 years now.  As I started to look around the home my sweet hubs and I live in now, I realized I not only surround myself with family but with things that mean something to me.  We have owned homes, rented, even lived in on base housing during our time in the Air Force. Each and every one holds a special meaning because of the time we spent in them, the birthday parties, Christmases, stories read aloud to the girls,  watching our girls grow and change in each one. Since I became ill with Lupus  I couldn't keep up with all the needs of living in a 100 y/o home demands, we had to "downsize" leave our big beautiful 100 y/o farmhouse on our property where we raised our girls for 18 years. We now live in a 625 sq.ft bungalow rental in town. What I see when I look around our home now is just how we've made it our "home". I realized I have made this house our sanctuary, our place of rest and respite for my sweet hubs when he comes home from work, a playground for our precious Grandlittles, a welcoming place of hospitality, and a little piece of "Prim Paradise" for me to rest, create, craft, and enjoy.  So, it actually is a home for our hearts!  So.. No matter where you live.. Surround yourselves with all things lovely, comforting, meaningful.  If you do.. Your home will definitely be wherever you heart IS.  Gosh..! Times flies.. I've enjoyed visiting with you today! Hope we can visit more another day... Leaving you with some photos of our home now.. Things with meaning Ive made, bought, or created to make this house our home! :0) Until next time.. Nanny ❤️ 


  1. I completely agree that, "Home Is Where The Heart Is" <3 I love seeing the pictures of your home,'s just wonderful! Have a great weekend, my friend!

    1. Thank you my dear friend! I always feel the same when I see pics of your lovely home... I hope you have a nice weekend as well :0} ~ Marge ~

  2. I loved your rendition of home. It was a wonderful read and so much truth. I can't believe I'm in your town 1-2 times a month and probably drive right by your wonderfully prim home!!! It is beautiful Marge and so full of everything that I LOVE!!

  3. Angie what a nice comment :0). I'm so glad that we've met on Instagram, and, that we've discovered we live a stones throw away from each other! (Small world)! I'm hoping that maybe sometime in the Spring we can meet up and have lunch maybe do a little antiquing! Have a wonderful week my sweet friend! ~ Marge ~

  4. Your home made me feel so welcome Marge. Love all your décor.. A house is just a building until it is filled with those we love. Yes, love make a house a home. Love yours. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Angela what nice comments! I always feel the same when I visit your lovely blog.. I always love to peruse your photos of your lovely home! And.. Always enjoy seeing what you're creating for the craft shows! Hope you have a lovely week :0). ~Marge~