Monday, April 27, 2015

Sis, Sophie, and Sitka...

Hello sweet friends.. I know it has been awhile since Ive posted. I would iinvite you in to sit and share some coffee, but, Ive been at my sweet daughters beautiful country home in OKC. Im helping out some since Sis is expecting their second little blessing and her due date is nearing. Were so ovejoyed waiting for the arrival of our third Grandlittle!  For this Nanny theres nothing better than when babies come! This Nanny is pooped! But, its a happy time for me and the family and I so enjoy being here and spending time with two of my best girls soon to be three!  Chrissis sweet husband works in the Oil Industry and has been out in the oil fields for a few days now, and wont be back for 10 more days.. so Im staying to keep her company and just help out when and where I can. They also raise ornamental type chickens here on their little hobby farm and there have been ten hatching in the incubator in the last two days, its been very exciting! Theyre just too cute and quite comical!  Our darling Grandlittle Sophie Grace has been a doll.. I can hardly get enough of her!  I usually only get to see them for a few days every two months when I come down to OKC for my Rheumatologist appointments.. so this has been a real treat for me.  Chrissi also has another new baby... except this baby is 15 weeks old and weighs 90 lbs!  Her name is Sitka (for a town in Alaska) and she is a bumbling, bouncing, beautiful Great Pyrenees!  She is such a clown and drives Nanny bonkers with her huge tail! It has been fun here and this Nanny is enjoying herself immensley. Its been nice to be with my sweet girls. The weather has been rainy and stormy last few days which has put me into a bit of a Lupus flare.. so yesterday was a   take it easy days for we three girly girls.  Sophie Grace and Nanny baked some cookies late yesterday aftenoon.. made some Pasta Salad for Chrissis sweet father in law. Sophie and I shared a spaghetti lunch while momma took a nap and then did "Nanny Manis"!  Its a Sophie and Nanny "thing" we do everytime I visit.. Nanny gives Sophie mani/pedis!  its a fun tradtion I started with her couple years back! Missing my sweet hubs at home and my four legged Boston kids.. but feel so blessed to have this opportunity to spend such a special time with my my sweet girls. Be blessed today all my sweet friends.  Until next time...  Nanny 
P.S. Lets not forget to pray for all the people in Napal.. such a tragedy they are dealing with with there with the earthquake.