Friday, February 13, 2015

L❤️VE.. Is in the air

Salutations friends! 
Good Morning and please.. Come in!  It's a cold February morning here, but the house is warm and toasty and I've been looking forward to your visit! Just sit anywhere you like and make yourself at home. Feel free to grab a quilt in the big basket by the pantry armoire it'll help you warm up!  I just love a cozy lap quilt, don't you? Tomorrow is February 14th.. VALENTINES DAY ❤️   I was thinking back to when I was a little girl and we had Valentines Day parties at school.  It was so exciting to give and receive those cute little boxed Valentine Cards.  Do you remember your school Valentines Day parties? L O V E .... Such a powerful meaning from such a small four letter word.  Think of all the words we use everyday, none of them with such an emotional heartfelt meaning as this one word.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary  defines the word Love as: a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.  I myself use it daily, from leaving a heartfelt note that I tuck inside my sweet hubs lunch for work   ( yes, I still do this after 31 years), to texting my grown daughters every morning wishing them a good day and telling them I love them, to scattering heart shaped decorations throughout our home. This one word, not only has a strong emotion tied to it but, it's own icon.. In the shape of a heart❤️! I feel like there's a reason for this, because the heart holds all the people, thoughts, loves of our lives inside. A place we keep all those we hold most dear.  I don't know about you, but I celebrate Valentines Day everyday!  Why wait for a date on a calendar to show someone you love them?  Let your life exude that special feeling daily.  Show it with a kind word, a smile, a kiss on the cheek as someone heads off for a day at work, or a hug as they come through the front door letting them know you're glad they're  back home and that they were missed.  I for one LOVE to shower my family with their fave meal, or making them a homemade/heartfelt gift for their birthday, or my favorite.. Showering my Grandlittles with "Nanny Smooches".  I've been blessed abundantly in my 31 years of marriage, and as I get older Im seeing the impact my deep love for my family has impacted the lives of my hubs and our girls. Our girls are now moms too.. And I see or hear them do/say things I did with them as little girlies. Makes my heart so full to see how they love their familes.. Bigger and better than any bank account full of money, is the home full of LOVE. ❤️   Happy Valentine's Day dear friends hope you enjoyed our visit as much as I did.  Until next time... ~ Nanny ~ 

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