Saturday, June 13, 2015

Welcome Starshine the Earth Says Hello!!

Good Saturday Morning Dear Friends...
Well, its overcast and humid here in beautiful Oklahoma, more rain in our forecast for the next 6 days..
I have coffee this morning tho, my Tart warmers are burning with a new scent.. Farmhouse Apple! The house smells amazing, the lamps are glowing, and I have something awesome to share with you all today.... so, please come on in grab a coffee cup and pick a comfy place to sit and Ill tell you all about my great news!  Please join us in welcoming our newest Grandlittle to the world! Yep!!  This Nanny is just overjoyed at the arrival of beautiful Ainsley Evelyn Baker.  Our lovely youngest daughter and her sweet husband welcomed their second little girlie into the world.  There is no greater joy for this Nanny than my Grandlittles.  Ive been back and forth to OKC for a month helping here and there where I could.  Our daughter and her newest daughter are doing wonderfully .. as is our 4 y/o Grandlittle AnnaSophia Grace.  She has been so excited about her new little sister coming!  She has been such a huge help to her momma.  She is overjoyed at being the "big sister!!  

Our family has been so abundtly blessed with our lovely girlies and their sweet hubbys and now with our three amazing Grandlittles.  My heart is so full.  How is it that someone so small can take up such a huge space in your heart?  Our littles are such a huge part of my life, cant imagine what I did before they came along.  We live a house away from our oldest daughter/hubby and our 4 y/o grandson Finnegan.  He comes to visit me everyday... I cant tell you what a blessing that is to me! Our youngest daughter/hubby and our granddaughters AnnaSophia and Ainsley live 3 hours away.. But, we are there to visit with them every eight weeks when we make the trip to my Rheumatologist.  For me there is nothing better than being with my family, thats what my life has always been about, serving my family with love, spoiling them compassion and care. I have always been at home since our children were born. Ive worn many hats in the 28 years Ive been at home.  Wife, mom, taxi, teacher, homemaker, decorator, chef, etc... But, my newest hat is my favorite... being Nanny.  
So, welcome Ainsley Evelyn!  Youve brought yet another ray of sunshine into this Nannys life.  I was honored that your momma and daddy let me help pick your beautiful name, and that your middle name honors my own wonderful Nanny.  Who I miss everyday.  She was an amazing lady who was the biggest impact on my life, a woman I loved more than anything and who is responsible for the woman I am today.  I hope in some small way that my role as Nanny to my Grandlittles will have the same impact on our littles lives,  and that the kind of momma I was /am to my sweet daughters will continue to mold the wonderful way they now mother their own children. Nanny is looking forward to many fun times with you and your big sister Ainsley.  Sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, trips to the zoo...  So, heres to many nights of bedtime stories, Eskimo nosies, and Butterfly kisses.  Be blessed my littlest girlie.  Until next time...  Nanny  :0)